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Request for PCB Fabrication Quote
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Bd. Name and P/N
Quantities required
Delivery W.Day W.Days
Board Size
Number of Layers
Total Number of Component Pads
Total Number of Vias
Number of Drill Sizes
Via Pad Size Mils. Via Drill Size Mils.
Minimum Trace Width
Minimum Spacing
Type of Material Thickness
Finished Copper Weight
Plated Finish Tin-lead, Fused
Solder mask over bare copper
Full-body gold
Gold Plated Connector[s] length
Solder mask requirements Yes No
One side Two side
Wet Film Solder Mask
Dry-film Mask
Liquid Photo Imageable Mask
Silkscreen Yes No
One side Two side
Electrical Netlist Test Yes No
Number of SMT Pads(Standard Pitch)
Top Bottom
Number of SMT Pads(Fine Pitch/20 mil&under)
Top Bottom
Special Requirements Buried/Blind vias
Controlled Impedance
Controlled Dielectric
Metal Cores other
Any slots, cut-outs, or special machining Yes No
MIL Spec Commercial
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